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Twenty-Five Minutes Is Perfect

This photo session was a mini family shoot and a mini maternity shoot as well. We squished it all into 25 minutes on this humid 36° day in late December. We discussed the timing of the shoot and wondered whether we would have enough time, but when the weather is really cold it can have an effect on the skin, like rosy cheeks and runny noses. And, there was a special birthday boy turning three who I had a feeling might have had enough of posing after a short amount of time.

We made our way around Riley Trails, putting on coats between shots. The humidity made the cold weather a little more tolerable, but it was still very cold. This mama did fantastic, even though she went almost 10 minutes without a coat, posing and looking serene in the winter weather.

It was perfect timing as this almost-three-year-old really got the wiggles and giggles toward the end. Even during his silliest moments we caught some adorable shots.

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