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A Walk In The Wetlands

My client reached out for a maternity session for May and had a specific location in mind. I hadn't been to there before, so I made a special trip out to scout the area before our shoot. It was such a nice trail through a preserved wetland. There were so many birds, including a giant swan couple with a nest of eggs. It was going to be lovely.

There were two challenges: mid-day lighting and swampy mud. We were able to tuck under the green and yellow canopy of leaves for most of the shoot which diffused the direct sunlight. And, for part of the shoot, I had to lend my client my rain boots so she didn't sink into the swampy ground. We both agreed it was worth it.

As we walked deeper into the preserve we saw a dreamy path that was perfect for our next set. There was a bent tree over a dirt path with tiny wild flowers peeking our of the grass, and luckily no mosquitoes. We spent the remainder of our session there.

For the last few shots, my client was willing to walk into the stream along the path. I had to put my rain boots back on for this as she was barefoot in the water. The results were stunning.

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