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About Me


Hi!  I'm Katie.  I am the photographer and owner of Ember & Ash Photography.  I'm a working mother of two daughters, Ember and Ashlynn, a corporate director by day and an artist at heart.  I began my hobby in photography in 2016, after my husband bought me a camera for Christmas; and started taking pictures of only my own two children. 


Photography feeds my soul as a creative person and lover of people.  I enjoy capturing the real moments, un-posed the most, but find a lot of joy in family and senior sessions as well as the occasional wedding.  I'm mostly an enthusiast.  As you can see in my portfolio that I rarely stick to just one style.  I love to try new things and bring out the vibe of the session and the people in the photos through the editing process.

The best way to reach me? Email me:

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