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The Tulips Are Blooming

The tulips bloomed a little early in Holland this year. Luckily, my clients were able to move their appointment up a week to ensure we didn't get any surprise frost to ruin the blooms before our shoot. Having Dutch heritage and being born and raised in Holland, my clients planned a shoot as best friends with all four of their kiddos ranging from two years old to six. The littlest guy need a little more time to warm up to the camera. I edited this adorable picture below anyway.

Two year olds remain to be my biggest challenge. What I have found works best is to give them time to be in their own element. Let them play and discover while you snap away. They are just becoming their own person with personal control over their own body. Recognize that and capture the moments.

I let this cutie pie see the pictures I took of him after a few minutes which made him excited to sit and pose for a couple shots with his sister. Aren't they sweet?

Their companions, six-year-old twins, were well-rehearsed with me snapping away, so we switched gears and focused on just the two of them for a few minutes. Each with their own personalities, it still took some coaching and encouragement, but the results were priceless.

Once we came near the end of our short session, it was clear we were losing interest from the smallest of our models. I edit these shots anyway - graduation slide shows will need this adorable material some day.

Before we ended the day, each of the older kids got some shots all by themselves.🌷

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