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Easy-Peasy Beach and Breezy

This senior session started about twenty minutes behind schedule. The client was from out of town and got a late start on their drive. Luckily, we had communicated prior to the session about exactly what they were looking for: a variety of park, town and beach. Knowing the path from town to beach well, I assured them we could fit everything they wanted into the time we had left before sunset.

We had to move fast, but this client had a fantastic "let's do this" attitude. She was naturally photogenic and took easy to all of the posing suggestions. We went from Centennial Park to a local wall mural, through Window on the Water Front and all the way to the beach; and got some really great shots along the way.

The night couldn't have gone more smoothly, and we had a lot of fun! The pictures turned out great, and the client was really happy.

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