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Cake, Confetti and Balloons

This little darling was turning four at the end of March so her mom scheduled a mini photo shoot for her in her princess dress with balloons and confetti. It was cool and windy the day of the shoot so we put together a mini studio indoors. We blew up balloons, sprinkled confetti everywhere and began shooting. Her mom brought her a special cake, and their plans were to take the kids and cake to Chuck E Cheese afterwards to celebrate.

We were able to put all decorations and the cake in the shoot for added color and staging. The plan was to take a couple photos with her sister in matching dresses, but little sis was not stepping away from mom, even with incentives like a sucker. We compromised with a photo of all three of them.

Afterwards we packed up all of the props and sent this family on their way to celebrate. I had a lot of vacuuming to do, but these adorable photos were worth it!

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