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And Then There Were Six

This client was pregnant with twins and wanted multiple shots by the beach. We met at a location that offered both beach grass and a sandy coastline and started with some family shots with her first two boys and husband.

She brought two outfits to get more variety from our session. The long, lace dress really brought an additional element of beauty to the shoot. We took several photos in the grasses and after we made our way to the water.

Due to severe erosion taking place on our Michigan benches we ran into a snag when we got down to the water. The beach had eroded too much to get nice sunset photos, so we drove south to another location that hadn't been impacted as much. The sun was setting fast, but we had just enough time.

The move was definitely worth it! We were able to get beautiful sunset shots of her standing solo and a few with her husband. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

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