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A Field of Wild Flowers

This couple wanted to do a fun shoot for their 20th anniversary. They wanted to be silly and and wanted the shoot to have a cute vibe that showed off their personalities and partnership. We shared examples back and forth of some of the poses they liked best and met just before sunset in a field of Queen Anne's Lace.

We had a lot of fun, spending about 45 minutes going through each of the poses they had picked. When you're racing the sun at the golden hour, time is of the essence. We had discussed this prior to the shoot, and I had all of their examples saved to my phone so we could run through them with enough time to spare. I would pull up the next example, show them what we were going for, help them adjust for the pose and shoot.

This couple was naturally photogenic, but they wanted to make sure each photo was just right, so I let them have a peak after each pose. If something seemed off to them, we tried again. Doing so ensured they got the look they wanted - and as a photographer, I wanted to make sure they were happy with the results. The photographer/client partnership was working at its best this evening. We had a lot of fun, some laughs and all of us were pleased with photos.

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